High Strength Copper Alloy

An EMC shielding gasket is simply a connector of two opposing metallic surfaces which makes them appear electrically as one continuous RF absorber.

Nearly every area of the electronic marketplace may require some form of electronic shielding. Primary uses commonly include: RF gaskets, grounding, electrostatic discharge, EMI/RFI shielding for emissions and immunity.

• contact gaskets

• high deflection

• twist-very low profile

• clip-ons

• contact ring series

• no snag adhesive mount

• no snag slot mount

• installation guidelines

High strength copper alloys, and in particular Beryllium Copper, meet the tougher, more demanding specifications due to these inherent characteristics:
  • superior attenuation
  • high electrical and RF conductivity
  • excellent resistance to stress relaxation
  • excellent corrosion resistance
  • superior endurance life
  • accepts various platings for dissimilar metals compatibility
  • excellent performance at elevated temperatures
  • high uniform strain characteristics
  • moisture and UV resistant
  • low current conduction; i.e.
  • cost-effective

When these shielding characteristics are summarized into a composite valuation, the most important benefit of these unique materials becomes evident: long term shielding confidence without degradation